Speaking Syllabus

Topic: Likes and Dislikes

Time alloted: 35 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Previous knowledge: Students know about likes and dislikes.

General Aim: Students will talk over about his or her preferences.

Specific Aims:

- Students will find out personal likes and dislikes with a board game activity.

- Students will exchange information about likes and dislikes with an info gap activity.

- Students will figure out whether a classmate likes or dislikes the activity in a mime game.


- The teacher will provide a board game related with likes and dislikes. The students will work in small groups. They will discuss about their preferences as they go further on the board game.

- The teacher will provide an info-gap activity. The task is in pairs in oder to exchange data about Carlo's preferences.

-Students will perform a mime game in front of the class individually. The students in the back will guess by loocking his or her facial expressions, movement or body gestures in order to find out the activity.

Pre - Activity:

Board Game: students will work in pairs. Each student will throw away a dice and will count the steps in the board, When you fall in a a square, the students will stay if the he or she likes according to the activity in the square. as they go all the way long throughout the game.

While - Activity

Here there are Jonathan's likes and dislikes. They are incomplete. Find the rest of his likes and dislikes with your partner. The (X) represents dislikes and the (O) reresents likes. Example:

What does Jonathan like to do on Tuesday? He likes to play bowling.
What does Jonathan dislike to eat on tuesday? He dislikes to eat fruit.

Student A

Student B

Post-Activity Likes and Dislikes mimes

The students will make this activity individually. The teacher will provide a mime box that keeps inside pictures with sentences like "I dislike tea" or "Ilike football". The students pick one picture up and will mime the activity in the front. The students in the back will figure out the activity by looking his expressions whether he or she likes it or not.

Likes and Dislikes

Syllabus Top-down

Topic: Personal Likes and Dislikes.

Timing: 35 minutes.

Level: Intermediate.

Previous Knowledge: Students know about personal own preferences.

General Aim: Students will practice knowledge and understanding about personal
likes and dislikes.

Specific Aims:
  • To ask and answer questions about parents likes and dislikes in the activity find someone who.
  • To choose the best answer from the pictures by listening teacher's sentences.

  • To play a Mime Game related with prefernces to test understanding.


- Students will collect information from the activity "to find someone who".

- Students will be given a page with different pictures to choose some.

- Students will be able to use their understanding in the Kim's Game activity.

Pre - Listening

"To find someone who" activity.

Instructions :

The teacher will provide the students with a piece of paper with missing information. The paper content has differen activities, preferences and routines related with likes and dislikes. The students will go all the way around looking for a peer that can fill one space provided. The student, who finihes first, will be the winner.

While Listening


The students will listen to the teacher sentences. The students will be able to choose the picture that matches with the sentences that the teacher says. The teacher will read out the sentence twice.


Julissa likes to play basketball
Giannina likes to listen to music
Mario likes to answer the phone



The teacher will provide a big piece of paper with several pictures about different activities. The class will be divided in 3 groups. The magazine will be shown to the students about 5 to 10 seconds. Then cover it. Students will do a list of all the things they can remember. Make sentences using likes and dislikes with the group members names. The group that remembers most of the pictures will be the winner.

e.g the couple performs a football game

A. one of the students will express it by having fun.

B. the other one just do not like it.